ti-client - API compatable synthetic CFE team interface client, part of Virtual Competition.


ti-client [-h] [--hostname HOSTNAME] [--port PORT] [--debug] [--log LOG]
	[--user USER] [--password PASSWORD] [--team TEAM]


ti-client is an interactive example client implementation to exercise the team interface provided to a CRS.

ti-client interacts with (and depends on) a ti-server found on a socket specified by HOSTNAME:PORT, similarly, if ti-rotate has not completed a round, data that ti-client expects will not yet have been populated to ti-server directories

WARNING: Virtual Competition for finals in DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge is for use in verifying the API capability with the competition framework. Data created by the virtual competition is synthetic in nature and is only intended to be used to test the API compatibility of competitor's CRSs.




-h, --help
show this help message and exit
--hostname HOSTNAME
Specify hostname of TI server (default: localhost)
--port PORT
Specify TCP port (default: 1996)
Enable debugging (default: False)
--log LOG
Specify Log filename (default: None)
--username USER
Specify username (default: vagrant)
--password PASSWORD
Specify password associated with user (default: vagrant)
--team TEAM
Specify Team Number (default: 1)


Start ti-client connecting to host with user cgc and password jhkf3uf:

ti-client --hostname localhost --debug --user cgc --password jhkf3uf

Start ti-client with default options:


Once ti-client is started, retreive score information: (note: > is part of the interactive prompt, not a shell redirect)

ti-client> scoreboard 

Once ti-client is started, get a list of available commands: (note: > is part of the interactive prompt, not a shell redirect)

ti-client> help


Under 17 U.S.C S 105 US Government Works are not subject to domestic copyright protection.


ti-server(1), ti-rotate(1)

For more information relating to DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge, please visit http://www.darpa.mil/cybergrandchallenge/